Sustainability & Thrive-ability

Enurgy, Inc. is directly involved in numerous cutting edge renewable and alternative energy technologies. As Human Havens we are strategically partnered with the most innovative and revolutionary green building revolution. This is beyond anything currently available.

35 years in the making, over 18 million invested in research, development and proving of the synergies of technologies we have learned from nature through a process called bio-mimicry. We take our clues from mother nature’s multi-billion year R&D program.

With our partners we are now offering a fully sustainable home that redefines sustainability as radical thrive-ability and response-ability to our fellow man and the environment.

FULLY-Sustainable… meaning the building is: closed loop, off grid, provides all the power, heating, cooling, air purification, water capture and purification, and interior greenhouse/rainforest the occupants may need. It is also the first home that is toxic free and EMF re-mediated. It will withstand over 150mph winds and is beautiful, affordable and available now.

The design of the home with these features is called the Plarr House. We can also custom design almost any other home with different sustainable qualities added or not and achieve the same low cost and fast construction.

Our HoldenHydro and HoldenWind patented products are second to none in the green industry.

The HoldenHydro eliminates the need for dams and is the most efficient renewable energy device in the world. Link: HoldenHydro

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We are also supporting a new company offering a simple solar energy rental solution to home owners. The home owner saves money from day one without any upfront costs, and the company investors make a good profit while doing a good thing for the planet. Already past their series A funding round they are well on their way to make a profound difference in the energy sector by empowering home owners one house at a time.